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Erika Allen grew up in Buffalo, New York and moved to the Carolinas shortly after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor of fine arts degree.  After many moves throughout the Charlotte area, she met her husband Josh and they now reside in Tega Cay SC with their two young children Lucy and J.T.

Erika found her love for art at a very young age and has always enjoyed creating on many different levels. Her passion lies most intensely with nature and the outdoors. When asked "Why do you enjoy what you do so much?" Her response is, "Experimenting with different mediums and techniques is what makes being an artist so fun. The possibilities are endless! You can create anything you can dream up.”

Most recently, she’s been focusing on creating paintings on reclaimed wood using mixed media. Each piece of wood has a unique character and charm. Wood offers a built in texture and life to the canvas even before you begin to paint.  

Erika has been known to reach for a most unorthodox tool for painting her abstracted trees and landscape art, a screwdriver! Her reasoning behind this is the ease with which she can drip and move the paint around the canvas.  She explains, “An added bonus is the easy wipe clean.”


Most of my Inventory is available at "The Art Mecca of Charleston" located at 427 King St. in the heart of the Charleston shopping district. Pay them a visit and browse their wide variety of unique and one-of-a-kind artworks, ranging from paintings to sculpture to handcrafted jewelry.

Check out the write up on their website below that further explains my art background and painting process!